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Republic of Yemen
Al Jumhuriya al Yamaniya




The International Year Book and Statesmen's Who's Who. Ed. Jennifer Dilworth, Megan Stuart-Jones. Leiden: Brill Publisher, 2010. Section: States of  the World, s.v. 'Yemen'.

Capital: Sana'a (Population estimate: 1.7 million)
Head of State: Field Marshall Ali Abdullah Saleh (President)      
National Flag: A tricolour of red, white and black




Saleh, Field Marshall Ali Abdullah

President, Government of Yemen; born: 1942, Beit Al-Ahmer, Sanhan; education: entered the Sch., Armed forces, 1960; Armor sch. for Specialised Training, 1964; political career: rank of Marshal, apptd. by Parl., 1997; Pres. of the Republic of Yemen, 1994-; professional career: joined armed forces, 1958; Second Lieutenant, 1963; served as Military Commander in various posts; elected Pres., Republic and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, 1978, re-elected 1983 and 1988; promoted to rank of Colonel, 1979; elected Sec.-Gen., People's General Congress, 1982; Consultative Assembly awarded rank of Lieutenant Gen., 1990; Chmn., Presidential Council of the Republic of Yemen, 1990, re-elected 1993; honours and awards: Republican Award by People's Constituent Assembly, 1979; Hon. Masters degree in military science, 1989; office address: Presidential Office, Sana'a.


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