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There are 210 members in Provincial Councils of the 13 regions of Saudi Arabia. A Regional Governor, appointed by the King and a Vice-Governor act as chairman and vice-chairman of their Regional Council. Every council has a minimum of 10 private citizens and a committee system to deal with various local issues. Reports are submitted to the Ministry of the Interior and then passed to the appropriate government body.

Elections to the municipal councils were held for the first time in 2005.

The 13 regions and the cities in which the council sits:
Riyadh Region: capital: Riyadh City
Makkah Region: capital: Holy City of Mecca
Madinah Region: capital: Holy City of Madinah
Qasim Region: capital: Buraidah City
Eastern Region: capital: Dammam City
Asir Region: capital: Abha City
Tabouk Region: capital: Tabouk City
Hail Region: capital: Hail City
Northern Border Region: capital: Ar'ar City
Jizan Region: capital: Jizan City
Najran Region: capital: Najran City
Al-Baha Region: capital: Al-Baha City
Al-Jouf Region: capital: Sikaka City

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