Abu Dhabi considers BP investment: crown prince
QE snaps 6-day winning streak on profit-booking
01/05/2010 Organo della Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti Centro di Iniziativa per l’Europa
Quale scuola nel Bacino Euro-Afro-Mediterraneo?
Credit Suisse banker to join Qatar Holding
Tact needed as Saudi takes lead monetary role
Bahrain’s AUB stock surges on stake sale; Gulf markets mixed.
Al Khaliji France looks to meet growing needs with new strategy
11/02/2010 European Comission
The European Union is an active player in supporting  efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and contributes.
19/01/2010 El País (Spain)
Inaugurada en Dubai la torre más alta del mundo, con 828 metros
15/01/2010 CERMAM, Geneva
'Obama´s Middle East policy, on year on'
15/01/2010 Times Online
'Europe unites to deplore Swiss ban on minarets'
13/01/2010 BBC News (UK)
Country profile: Yemen
03/08/2009 BBC News (UK)
Country profile: United Arab Emirates
01/07/2009 Il Denaro (Italy)
L'Europa incontra il mondo arabo
01/07/2009 Il Denaro (Italy)
Imparare l'arabo gratis si può
01/07/2009 Il Denaro (Italy)
La cultura al servizio dell'impresa
23/05/2009 Il Denaro (Italy)
Lingua araba: progetti di diffusione
06/02/2009 Atlántico diario (Spain)
Curso online a nivel internacional
04/02/2009 Atlántico diario (Spain)
Comienza un nuevo proyecto para fomentar los negocios con los países árabes

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